Equine Performance 
 Equine Performance Medicine provides a complete - lameness, performance, and general health - diagnostic service including:
  • Complete lameness examinations, including diagnostic analgesia and contrast venograms
  • High definition, Digital radiography
  • Digital ultrasonography
  • Upper respiratory endoscopy

To achieve the best outcome for any horse, regardless of use or discipline, there must be a team approach - veterinarian, farrier, physical therapist, dentist and the owner/trainer. At Equine Performance Medicine we happily work in concert with all of the above people to maximise the success of our treatment.

In particular, providing farriers with (horse-shoeing) x-ray guidance is a necessary component of management of any foot or lameness problem.

In treatment of patients, Equine Performance Medicine, has the capability (both in the field and in-house) to:
  • Perform joint injections - with a wide range of natural and pharmacological agents.
  • Collect, process, and administer both IRAP and pRP into either a joint or an injured tendon/ligament.
  • Administer mesotherapy
  • Assist in therapeutic farriery

​We have a clinic located at Belford, Lower Hunter Valley, NSW as well as a fully equipped ambulatory service working in NSW and QLD.