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Testimonials / Photos
We would like to thank our clients for all their continued support, allowing Equine Performance Medicine to service the needs of their horses and wish them and their horse(s) the best of luck in all their pursuits.

Below are some of our client's photos and testimonials.

Jill Lyons & Lazy D Remember Me Rock (Rodeo - Barrel Racing)
"Matt Zondagh from Equine Performance Medicine has provided us with all of our specialist veterinary needs since 2011. My husband Mark and I compete in the sport of rodeo, and Matt has provided services to us over the years to successfully diagnose and rehabilitate our competition horses from injury, as well as provide advice and support for ongoing preventative maintenance. In particular we are most grateful to Matt for the service he has provided to us over the years on my good barrel racing mare Pink (Lazy D Remember me Rock). He successfully diagnosed a “not so obvious” stifle injury and was able to refer me to the University of Queensland for a surgical procedure where she also received the utmost professional attendance and care. Since then, with regular check-ups and maintenance, Pink continually gets me to the pay cheque window and has won me numerous titles and is sitting pretty in the Australian Profession Rodeo Circuit mixing it with the best horses in Australia - An impossible feat without Matts help!

With Matt we have access to high quality diagnostic equipment such as digital xrays and ultrasound and he provides us with a personalized service which is focused on the individual health and wellbeing of each of our horses which is not limited to lameness alone.

We sure do appreciate everything both Matt Zondagh and Sharon Carroll have done for us over the years, and as far as we are concerned we owe the success in our chosen sport to them."

"I have been using the services of the lovely Matt for 3yrs now ....he is no doubt one of the most knowledgeable , honest and caring horse vets I have ever met. I trust him with the health, well being and management of my beloved "Princess Thomas" thank you Matt and Sharon Carroll, trusty assistant LOL, for your continued expert advice ......and he does not charged ridiculous fees for his amazing services."
Gail McCane (dressage)
"I have known Matt Zondagh for 5 years and am always amazed at his knowledge and expertise when it comes to diagnosing, managing and offering an ongoing preventative programme. 
After treatment and by following his management program, Matt is able to get the best out of your horse. 
Matt and Sharon are always available to discuss issues that may arise and offer support and advice, whether it be over the phone or at the clinic. 
Matt is no doubt in a field of his own, a lameness expert. In saying that, there is no one better to do a pre purchase vet check than Matt."
Debbie Gould (dressage)
"As a family of four sisters who all compete in the tough sport of Barrel Racing and Roping, we need to ensure our horses health and general well-being is our top priority. It was three years ago when we were having lameness problems with one of our barrel horses, that friends of ours introduced us to Matt Zondagh from Equine Performance Medicine.
With the up to date equipment that Matt travels with, like his digital xray and ultrasound machines, he was very quickly able to identify the lameness problem and give us expert advice on how to treat our horse and soon have him back competing.
Over these past three years we have learnt so much from both Matt and Sharon, with regards to feeding, caring for our horses and general maintenance advice on keeping these horses sound to enable us to compete in our loved sport of Rodeo.
There have also been occasions when we have required advice with the well-being of our horses and Matt or Sharon are always very willing to help us out over the phone and offer their knowledgeable advice and support.
We believe Matt is an absolute expert in his chosen field and we are very grateful to both him and Sharon for all their advice and help with our competition horses."
Ashleigh Morgan
Karly Morgan
Morgan Family (Rodeo - Barrel Racing & Roping)
Leah Morgan
Sarah Morgan
"We have been Matt's clients for a number of years with both campdrafting and cutting horses. We've found his services to be OUTSTANDING and his expertise has resulted in our horses maintaining their soundness, longevity and quality of life."
Paul and Molly Agostino (Campdrafting & Cutting)